uhlsport becomes the new official supplier of 1. FC Köln

uhlsport embarks on a new journey together with ‘‘1. FC Köln‘s‘‘

September 2018 marks the first season of uhlsport´s and Köln´s partnership

When thinking about the Bundesliga and some of it’s most prominent teams, the ‘‘1. FC Köln‘‘ directly springs to ­­mind. Being the Bundesliga´s first ever champion, backed by an entire city with over 100,000 club members and fans spread far and wide across the globe it can be said that Köln is the club for anyone and everyone. This explains how the club´s motto: ‘’SPÜRBAR ANDERS" (DIFFERENT) was established.

By securing the sponsorship agreement with Köln the Balingen based sports outfitter hopes to strengthen its brand image and attract attention from new fans.

uhlsport´s director of marketing and design, Melanie Steinhilber stated: “We are very happy to embark on this partnership with such a popular and successful Bundesliga club. We especially hope to spread our roots throughout western Germany, home to millions of long time football fans. In essence, the future designs worn by the club can be linked back to its original Motto: ‘Different’. We’ll actively collaborate with the club to meet their wishes in terms of design and performance. Though a challenge, we see this partnership as an opportunity to grow and are looking forward to embarking on this journey with Köln.”

Since their return to Germany´s star studded league in 2013/14, the team has continued to improve and impress. After going from 12th (2014/15) to 9th (2015/16) the club managed to further better itself, reaching 5th place last season and thus automatically qualifying for the UEFA Europa League. uhlsport hopes to further fuel this triumphant journey in the upcoming season. 

Dominik Solleder, uhlsport´s director of sales expressed his satisfaction with the deal: “Our entire team is delighted with the bond between ourselves and Köln. Strategically, this is a giant step forward for us as it perfectly fits into our sales and promotion scheme of further developing football and other team sports goods. I believe that what closed the deal for us are our high quality, reliable as well as modern and technical products. Now, we have our eyes set on the future and hope to further expand into the football world on both a national and international level.”

„1. FC Köln is no ordinary, off the peg club. Therefore, it only makes sense we also don´t want to play in regular off the peg kits. By coming together with uhslport, we have ensured just that for at least the upcoming four seasons. We are very happy to have found a partner who can match our rigorous standards in terms of design, quality, reliability as well as individuality. The clubs managing director Alexander Wehrle added: “uhlsport´s managers showed expressed great passion and the will for collaboration and success in all our talks. We are itching to begin working with this brand built around tradition, just like we are.” 

In order to meet the club´s visions and desires new individualised kits and other merchandise articles will be launched prior to next autumn.

Andreas Geser, uhlsport´s sponsoring manager said: “From the moment talks with the club it became clear to us that we weren´t dealing with an ordinary club, city or group of fans. We hope to call and raise their motto ‘Different’ with our carefully designed products, especially kits. We´ll not shy away from hearing and implementing their and their fans´ opinions in products and are excited about what the future has in store!” 

uhlsport wishes the 1. FC Köln the best of luck for this season and is looking forward to the upcoming partnership!

about uhlsport

uhlsport has its roots and headquarters in Germany´s south-west an hour drive from Stuttgart in the state of Baden-Württemberg. Together with its subsidiary brands in France, Spain and Sweden, uhlsport employs roughly 230 people. It´s reach of distribution however, spans nigh the entire globe having set up shop in over 80 countries. Its ambitions are vast and are always based around the in tandem operating concepts of design and functionality.

In today´s footballing world, the standard of excellence for goalkeeper gloves is set by uhlsport. Approximately 40% and 85% of all first league goalies in Germany and France sport gloves by uhlsport. This includes the best of the best such as French National goalie and Captain Hugo LLoris. With a wide range of products for every aspect of the sport uhlsport is able to provide for clubs ranging from the Bundesliga to the ‘Kreisliga’. Currently, uhlsport is the official match ball sponsor of both the French 1st and 2nd league as well as Germany’s 2nd Bundesliga clubs ‘1. FC Kaiserslautern’, ‘Fortuna Düsseldorf’ and the third tiers ‘1. FC Magdeburg’.

Besides football, uhslport is also known for three other sports and brands. Its own brand ‘Kempa’ focuses on handball and is the official sponsor for the German as well as Swedish, Russian, Swedish, Icelandic and Slovenian handball teams. Since 2002, uhslport has partnered with the US based basketball giant ‘Spalding’ which supply the official NBA game ball. Furthermore, uhlsport holds distribution rights for the Australian rugby brand ‘BLK’ and has expanded its reach to many countries throughout Europe.